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Hello! I'm Wojtek - mainly JavaScript developer and Computer Science student at the Białystok University of Technology.

Here's a little list of things I am familiar with:

JavaScript Trying to be the master of this language. Mainly sticking with Vanilla JS.
+ One year of intensive work with Apache Cordova
+ Working with Gulp
HTML5 & CSS3 Sky is the limit.
PHP Done some projects with MySQL databases. See the WWW section @ projects.
Java Solid basics and still learning, reading some books. Willing to try some Android development in spare time.
Ruby Basics, sockets included.
C# Basics, including Forms and simple threading.
Linux My main OS at work.
+ Worked with SSH, Apache, Cron, Iptables

I've also done some projects and more are coming. Feel free to check them out.

toolLogic Calc

Language: JS

  • Perform elemental logic operations on up to 32-bit words
  • Able to compute AND, NAND, OR, NOR and XOR
  • Simulate n-input gates - theoretically no limits
  • Perform simple arithmetic operations on binary numbers: add, subtract, multiply



  • Written for Pixel company
  • More details in the related article

Work status:
Currently busy. Working on a project that will take some time.
However, if you want me to work for/with you in the future, a message from you will be greatly appreciated.

Full name: Wojciech Tałałaj
Location: Białystok, Poland